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Meet Boomer, our spirited red Merle blue/green eyed Aussiedoodle, named after the iconic Australian term "boomerang." Boomer's captivating coat showcases a kaleidoscope of rich reds, accented with striking patches of merle patterns, reminiscent of the vibrant landscapes of the Australian Outback.

Boomer's playful energy and adventurous spirit embody the essence of Australia's rugged terrain. With his boundless enthusiasm and intelligent gaze, he's always ready for the next adventure.

Expected to weigh between 55-65lbs, Boomer is the perfect companion for those seeking a mix of loyalty and liveliness. Whether hiking through the bush or lounging at home, Boomer is sure to bring joy and excitement to every moment.

Regarding Deposits

For customers who choose to pay with a deposit, we kindly inform you that the remaining balance of your payment will be due at the time of puppy delivery or pick-up. This ensures a seamless transaction process and allows us to focus on providing the best care for your new furry family member. Rest assured, we understand the importance of clear communication. As a reminder, you will receive a purchase confirmation that will include details about your deposit payment and the upcoming balance payment. This confirmation will serve as a convenient reference point to keep you informed and prepared for the next steps in bringing your chosen puppy home. Our commitment to transparency and customer satisfaction is paramount, and we are here to assist you throughout this exciting journey. Thank you for entrusting us with the privilege of connecting you with your new canine companion.

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