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Bernese Mountain Dog
75 lbs
Black, Tan, White

Marley, our beloved Bernese Mountain Dog, stands as the cornerstone of Barefoot Acres NC. With regal tricolor fur and eyes that reflect wisdom, she embodies the quintessential essence of her breed.

Guided by her maternal instincts, Marley flourishes as the heart and soul of our breeding family. Her devotion to nurturing her puppies is unmatched, weaving a tapestry of care and tenderness from their first breaths.

Beyond her role as a mother, Marley is a source of comfort and joy. Her calming presence and playful spirit enchant both young and old, forging connections that leave lasting imprints of warmth and affection.

Celebrate Marley, a living testament to the beauty of Bernese Mountain Dogs, the magic of motherhood, and the enduring kinship between humans and dogs. Join us in cherishing every moment she graces us with her presence.

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