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Darling Dixie





Australian Shepard
45 lbs
Blue Merle


Darling Dixie, the heart and soul of Barefoot Acres NC, embodies the very essence of an Australian Shepherd with her stunning blue merle coat and captivating bi-colored eyes. Her physical beauty is only matched by her unwavering loyalty and dedication to our family and our cherished puppies.

As our esteemed guard dog, Dixie takes her role as the guardian of the estate seriously. Her watchful eyes and keen instincts ensure that every corner of our home is safe and secure. But don't let her vigilant nature fool you – beneath that protective exterior lies a heart brimming with warmth and affection.

But her accomplishments don't end there. Dixie's adventurous spirit has led her to remarkable journeys, including section hiking the Appalachian Trail. This extraordinary feat showcases her resilience and determination, qualities that inspire us all.

In the world of motherhood, Dixie shines as an example of boundless love and dedication. She's more than a dog; she's a cherished member of our family, a tireless protector, and a steadfast friend. Her legacy lives on through the generations she helps nurture, and her pawprints are etched forever in the heart of Barefoot Acres NC.

Join us in celebrating Darling Dixie – a remarkable Australian Shepherd who embodies the essence of loyalty, courage, and unwavering love


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